Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Chicken Wing Fabric - the preview pictures!

At last, here we have it: pictures of the chicken wing fabrics.

However, we have a slight problem and we need your help with it. The problem is... what should we call them? There are two flavors, obviously. But do we call them hot, medium, mild, or BBQ? Or Buffalo Wings?

Timeless Treasures has already named the flavors, but we disagree. And, being from Buffalo (where chicken wings originated) we're going to ... uh... claim a right to be opinionated on this matter. But... while we're very familiar with what the various flavors look like in our area, it's possible that wings might look different in other places.

So we open it to up you! What do you think they should be named? We've blanked out the names that the maker has them, so that you're not influenced. (Other than becoming hungry for chicken wings!)


  1. Are you in Orchard Park NY??? I'd be happy to visit your shop next time I visit my home town, Hamburg.

  2. Yes, we're in Orchard Park! To be specific, we're in the Southtowns Business Centre, on Thorn Avenue. For those of you who are local, it's very close to South Davis Elementary and the Orchard Park Middle School.

  3. Medium wings (top) and hot wings (bottom)