Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's Time for a Tea Party!

How 'bout a nice cup of tea? Diane Knott's new group for Clothworks, called "Tea Party", just came through the door. It's a lovely pastel group, and there's a free quilt pattern available. This collection is pretty but not juvenile, which is very nice!

This collection of fabrics includes a panel, a tea-theme border stripe, tea bags, teapot fabric (in two colors), tea labels, and a pretty little floral.

Monday, August 30, 2010

We spied ... some of our fabric!

Beth took a trip to the St. Jacobs Market in Ontario this weekend... and she spied one of our favorite customers, Jolanta, who used some of our peaches fabric to decorate her fruit stand! I hear the fruit was absolutely delicious... and that there is lots more to do in the area, besides the farmer's market.

Can you spy the fabric too, underneath all those baskets of peaches?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mrs. Greenthumb - Garden Fabrics by RJF

We don't have any pictures of the individual fabrics to show you yet, but here is a picture of a kit that RJR will have available using Dan Morris' new "Mrs. Greenthumb" garden theme fabrics. This quilt is titled "Garden Therapy".

It's very spring-summery, and somehow it feels odd to be looking at spring fabrics when we're in back-to-school mode. But these fabrics won't be available until February, and by then we will be more than ready for spring flowers!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Should you "scribble" on your quilts?

Patrick Lose is designing a new group of blender fabrics for Robert Kaufman. It's going to replace his former "scribbles" lines. This collection is coming out in November and will be called "Meander". It's part of his larger "Mixmasters" group of tonal prints. Here is a picture of what Patrick calls the "summer colors". There will be 23 colors in all!

Check our Facebook page every Thursday for more previews of the up-and-coming fabric lines.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Chicken Wing Fabric - the preview pictures!

At last, here we have it: pictures of the chicken wing fabrics.

However, we have a slight problem and we need your help with it. The problem is... what should we call them? There are two flavors, obviously. But do we call them hot, medium, mild, or BBQ? Or Buffalo Wings?

Timeless Treasures has already named the flavors, but we disagree. And, being from Buffalo (where chicken wings originated) we're going to ... uh... claim a right to be opinionated on this matter. But... while we're very familiar with what the various flavors look like in our area, it's possible that wings might look different in other places.

So we open it to up you! What do you think they should be named? We've blanked out the names that the maker has them, so that you're not influenced. (Other than becoming hungry for chicken wings!)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Modern and Contemporary Fabric Sale

Sometimes we just overlook the obvious. Such as the fact that we hadn't created an official "theme" group for the more contemporary fabrics that we carry. So today we did just that, and to get things off and rolling, we decided to run a sale on them, too!

For now until the end of August, all of our modern and contemporary fabrics are on sale for $6.50 / yard (or less).

They're mostly selections by Michael Miller, P&B Textiles, Andover, and Hoffman, with a few by Robert Kaufman or other makers.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The wish list we always keep...

Did you know that we always keep a list of fabrics that our customers have been looking for, but have not been able to find? Well, we do... and on Tuesday we have a sales rep coming.

So if there's anything that you've been searching for, or that you think we should carry, by all means let us know. We'd love to hear from you!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mr. Fixit - perfect fabrics for your favorite handyman

Looking for some fabrics to suit the guys? Dan Morris has designed an absolutely perfect group called Mr. Fixit!

This group celebrates all those really useful and creative talents such as woodworking, carpentry, painting, landscape work and grounds maintenance, plus general construction, building, and home repair trades.

Dan's designs are always realistic, and RJR has done an excellent job of translating the artwork onto fabric. This collection includes a panel fabric, a border stripe, and lots of coordinates. This particular border stripe is special in that rather than having four stripes, all the same, repeating across the width of the fabric, this selection has four completely different stripes, each with different tools/trades on it. (Wish we had a bigger picture to share, but we don't yet!) Anyway, you could start with the panel and then use the stripe to make four different borders, which would be enough for even the largest of quilts!

This group won't be available until December, but we will be taking pre-orders on it. Here's a picture to give you an idea of what's included in the collection; we'll be adding the items to our website over the next week or two.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Finally... a Chicken Wing fabric!

Just got a call from Larry today... he is the traveling sales rep for Timeless Treasures. He's coming by on Tuesday, and he's brought the good news that Timeless is coming out with some new "food fabrics"... including Chicken Wings! You'll have your choice of hot wings (Buffalo Wings) or BBQ.

I'm told that there will also be hamburgers, hotdogs, curly fries, and peanuts. Maybe even goldfish crackers. I'm getting hungry already!

If there's anything that you want us to be on the lookout for, post a comment to let us know!