Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Project Linus Fabrics by Quilting Treasures

Last year, to our great delight, Quilting Treasures was signed a licensing agreement to make "Peanuts" fabrics. You know... Charlie Brown, Lucy, Snoopy... all the gang.

Well they just announced that they are going to be making a "Project Linus" collection that's due to come out in July. These fabrics feature Linus (with his blanket of course), Snoopy, and Woodstock ,and they are so very cute! And while of course they would be perfect for Project Linus quilts, somehow I think that the biggest fans of these fabrics will just be people who like Peanuts and Snoopy.

Quilting Treasures is planning a huge advertising push on this group, from having the Project Linus organization on hand at Quilt Market (the huge trade show in the fabric industry), to sending e-mails to all the Project Linus chapters, to advertising the collection in magazines.

We got our order placed today - HAH! - so it's in their system really early, and way before all the orders that will undoubtedly be placed at Market. Why do we care to be so early? Well... QT already has placed their order with the mill, which means when they get their first shipment in July, if the collection turns out to be wildly popular, they won't have enough goods available from the first printing to fill all their orders. And that's why we wanted to be an early bird.

Anybody else that wants to be an early bird... the collection is up for pre-orders. Just follow the link below!

Project Linus Fabrics