Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mist Blue and Cloud Hydrangea and Raspberry Fabric

We have pictures of the lovely new blue hydrangea floral fabrics from LakeHouse. They're calling these colors "mist" and "cloud". The leaves are a khaki-beige (not green) so these fall in with today's blue-and-brown color scheme. For realists, they also have a beige all-over packed blossoms print which is the color that fresh hydrangeas will dry to.

LakeHouse typically doesn't print a lot of fabric at one time... and it so often happens that with their popular fabrics, we sell out and are stuck waiting (and waiting!) for them to reprint a design. So for that reason, we suggest that you pre-order these fabrics. That way you won't be disappointed! Visit our LakeHouse section to reserve a cut of these beauties!

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