Thursday, January 29, 2009

Something Old, Something New...

It's a new year... and so we've resolved to shake off our mid-winter lethargy and try something new... a blog!

Our hope is that it will be a way for us to connect with you, our customers, and find out what it is that you would like from us. We hope to get your input, so please DO comment on our posts!

With all the wonderful fabrics that are out there on the market, we have a really hard time making up our minds about what to buy. (Oh, yes, we know you have the same problem too...)

So from time to time we will toss up a post about our fabric dilemmas and ask your help in choosing. We'll also post when new fabric collections have been ordered, so that you can get a "sneak peek", which hopefully will be helpful to you, as you plan your future projects.

For today, for starters... pop in with your comments and just say "hello"!

Happy sewing,



  1. GOOD MORNING FAVORITE FABRICS...I am so excited to have discovered your amazing website!!! You have the most awesome collection I have ever seen and I can't wait to start ordering. It's tough being a fabriholic, but at least I'm not out carousing and creating havoc, ha ha! Your Lucy fabrics will be a good place to start...

  2. And if you like those, there will be a new group of Lucy fabrics coming out probably in late spring. This group is titled "Hollywood at Last". The main color in this is turquoise. As soon as I can get some good preview pictures, I will post them on the blog and ask any readers to vote on them, so that I can know which ones YOU think are best!